Turnaround Creator for Maya (v1.0)

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This tool was built for the alumni of the spanish course on Planeta CG where I teach how to create PySide GUI windows using Qt. https://planetacg.com/curso/interfaces-usuario-maya-qt-pyside/

You can get it for free, but you can choose to collaborate with me adding a little amount to it. Thanks!

Current Features:

- Selection of an item or group of items and it will create a basic turnaround (1 lap, 100 frames)

- Select how many laps

- Select how many frames by lap

- Select a start position

- Select an optional end position

- Preview the animation

- Change values while animation is playing

- For start and end positions: distance, height, and look at position. Also rotation around the object.

- Bake desired result to a visible camera to create a playblast with it or change any parameters.

Future plans:

- Add lights around the item

- Generate a playblast directly from the window

- Slow in and out options

- Anything you need, just send me an email.

Follow me for more tools and updates. http://www.lidia-martinez.com

LGPL V3 License: You can copy , modify , and sell a different version. But always include the license files please!

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A tool to create turnarounds for a given character with several settings

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Turnaround Creator for Maya (v1.0)

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I want this!