Light List Panel for Maya (v1.1)

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- Videotutorial (Spanish):

Shows every light in the scene. You can:

- Change color

- Change intensity

- Select it

- Show object linked to that object

- Set objects linked to that object

For Arnold lights:

- Select it

- Change color (if temperature is turned off)

- Change temp. (if temp is turned on)

- Change exposure

To load new settings in the lights, click Reload Lights.

Clear selection with Clear Selection button before setting objects liked to the light, you can clear selection and then select the ones you want



Put in your script folder: C:/ users / *yourname* / My documents / maya / scripts

Open Maya script editor -> Paste these two lines of code in the Python tab:

from lightListPanel import *


And then click Play on top of the Script Editor panel.

* To store it in a button in your shelf, select both lines of code, press middle mouse button and drag to your shelf.

I want this!

This little tool to play see all lights in just one window and teak them

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Light List Panel for Maya (v1.1)

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I want this!